ADBT - Empowering The Gulf Through Business

The Aboriginal Development Benefits Trust (ADBT) was established under the Gulf Communities Agreement negotiated between Century Mine, the Queensland State Government, and Gulf Native Title groups. It was created to administer negotiated funds from the Century Mine, primarily focusing on business development and indigenous ownership/investment in business.

ADBT serves communities collectively defined as the Native Title Groups—including the Waanyi People, Mingginda People, and Gkuthaarn and Kukatj People, each in respect of their traditional country. It also supports other Aboriginal people residing in the local government areas of Burke (Burketown), Carpentaria (Normanton), Doomadgee, and Mornington Island.

As a social enterprise, the ADBT has emerged as one of the most effective economic development organizations in the country. Its sustainability has been achieved through owning a number of businesses, which include:

  • Ancient Journeys: Aboriginal Art, Gifts, and Tours
  • Daintree Discovery Centre: World-Class Tourist Attraction
  • Burketown Pub
  • Normanton Foodworks
  • Doomadgee Roadhouse and Accommodation

To strengthen and grow its activities, ADBT is continually seeking to purchase or build other business opportunities. This proactive approach ensures ongoing development and support for its community.

Profits from ADBT’s business activities are instrumental in supporting and growing economic development opportunities and projects for the Native Title Groups and Gulf Communities. This is done through community enterprises and loans to individuals wishing to start their own businesses.

Through strategic investments and business development, the Aboriginal Development Benefits Trust (ADBT) actively empowers Gulf communities, fostering economic stability and growth while promoting indigenous ownership and entrepreneurship.


More information on the ADBT can be found here

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