Authentic Indigenous Art

Ancient Journeys is an Aboriginal-owned art gallery and gift shop located on the Esplanade in Cairns, Queensland. Our store is a treasure trove of handmade traditional and contemporary Aboriginal products, including boomerangs, didgeridoos, weavings, and clapsticks, as well as hand-painted homewares and original Gulf Art paintings. We also offer a wide range of Aboriginal designs ethically reproduced onto Australian-made accessories and homewares, complete with "Made in Australia" labels, making them ideal gifts for overseas.

We invite you to journey to the Dreamtime through our diverse and authentic collection of Indigenous art, gifts, and souvenirs, all ethically sourced from Aboriginal communities across Queensland and the Northern Territory. A selection of our items can be purchased in our online store, with a broader assortment available in-store.

Our collection extends to a large selection of Indigenous books on arts and culture, as well as an array of bushfoods, traditional bush medicine, and fashion accessories from other Indigenous-owned businesses. All products adhere to the Indigenous Art Code, ensuring that each item is authentically crafted and artists are fairly compensated.

Empowering Gulf Communities Through Art

Founded in 2018 as a Gulf Project by the Aboriginal Development Benefits Trust (ADBT), Ancient Journeys aims to empower Indigenous artists from the remote communities of Normanton, Burketown, and Mornington Island. By showcasing their artwork in Cairns, we provide these artists a platform to reach a global audience, enhancing their visibility and supporting their communities economically. This allows art to serve as a powerful tool for empowerment and cultural preservation.

The profits from all sales, including non-Gulf items, are channelled into funding other Gulf Projects through the ADBT. This ensures that every purchase supports the artists directly and contributes to broader development efforts that benefit Gulf communities.

Visit Us In The Cairns Art Precinct

Nestled in the Cairns Art Precinct, Ancient Journeys serves as a cultural gateway amid the area’s rich Aboriginal heritage and dynamic art scene. Convenient access points from both the Cairns Esplanade in front of The Mantra Hotel just down from the Cairns Lagoon, and a quiet courtyard behind The Courthouse Art Gallery make our gallery a welcoming place for everyone who wishes to connect with the profound artistry and cultural heritage of Indigenous Australia.

Alongside showcasing Indigenous art and culture, we provide information for exploring the Gulf Region of Queensland and the Daintree Discovery Centre, also managed by the ADBT. Nestled in the ancient Daintree Rainforest, the centre offers a detailed information on the region's biodiversity and is conveniently just a day trip from Cairns. Profits from the Daintree Discovery Centre are reinvested in Gulf community projects, further supporting our mission.

Our Mission

Step into Ancient Journeys and experience the heart of Aboriginal creativity. By supporting Ancient Journeys, you participate in a cycle of empowerment and development for Aboriginal artists and Gulf communities —  the right way, the sustainable way, the ethical way.