At Ancient Journeys, we are proud to support the talented Indigenous artists of the Lower Gulf communities of Normanton, Doomadgee, Burketown, and Mornington Island. As a 100% Indigenous-owned initiative, driven by the Aboriginal Development Benefits Trust (ADBT) through the Gulf Regional Economic Aboriginal Trust (GREAT), we focus on empowering emerging artists and providing a platform for their unique artworks.

All wall art paintings displayed at Ancient Journeys are sourced exclusively from the Lower Gulf communities, ensuring authenticity and support for artists from the Lower Gulf. In addition to these paintings, our Gulf gallery features a diverse range of items including carvings, ceramics, and traditional artefacts from artists from Gulf. While the majority of items come from these communities, we also offer a select number of handcrafted pieces from other regions, further enriching our collection. Every purchased Gulf artwork is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, which includes detailed information about the artist and the story behind their creations.



Mornington Island Artists:

Operated by the Mirndiyan Gununa Aboriginal Corporation, MI Arts stands as a central hub for the vibrant paintings of Mornington Island, masterfully showcasing the cultural traditions of the Lardil, Kaiadilt, and Yangkaal peoples. Inspired by the breathtaking local environment, these artworks feature vibrant and colourful depictions of reefs and landscapes. The celebrated artist Mirdidingkingathi Jurwarnda Sally Gabori has left a lasting legacy continued by her daughters and other relatives, who employ abstract and figurative painting techniques to delve into their deep spiritual connection with their land and sea. These distinct paintings, together with carvings and traditional artefacts crafted by independent artist and Lardil man Anthony Saltmere, are proudly available at Ancient Journeys, offering a glimpse into the rich artistic heritage of Mornington Island.

Normanton Artists:

BYNOE, located in Normanton, serves as a creative hub for artists from the Gkuthaarn, Kukatj, and Kurtijar tribes, fostering a range of artistic expressions. This centre supports the creation of vibrant hand-painted ceramics, textiles, and paintings that reflect the natural beauty and cultural depth of their environment. Among the celebrated artists is Shenane Jago, known for her distinctive ceramics. Alongside BYNOE, Cathy Snow, also from Normanton, engages in creating acrylic paintings on canvas. Her art, deeply rooted in her Aboriginal heritage and personal connections to natural elements, often explores themes related to water, such as saltwater mussels and water marks. Her collaboration with Ancient Journeys on a limited edition Barramundi print further showcases her unique vision and cultural ties.

Doomadgee Artists:

This region is home to the Waanyi and Gangalidda peoples, where artists like Kelly Barclay, an independent artist from Doomadgee, are celebrated for their unique perspectives. Ancient Journeys has worked with Kelly to produce a stunning collection of limited edition prints and hosted her solo exhibition, featuring vibrant and unique interpretations of local culture and landscapes.



At Ancient Journeys, we also offer a wide variety of original, handcrafted artworks from non-Lower Gulf artists generally working in Aboriginal Art Centres. Although we do not sell their wall art, our diverse range features handcrafted creations such as sculptures, weavings, textiles, and carvings, alongside many hand-painted items. These pieces often showcase paintings applied to various objects, each reflecting the unique cultural traditions of the artists' regions. Proudly displayed and sold at our Ancient Journeys gallery, these works epitomize the broad spectrum of Indigenous artistry.

  • Wik & Kugu Aurukun Art Centre: Celebrated for traditional hand-carved wooden sculptures, particularly the Ku (dogs) from Cape York on the eastern side of The Gulf.
  • Tiwi Designs: Known for carved birds reflecting the distinctive cultural narratives of the Tiwi people on Tiwi island in The Gulf.
  • Anindilyakwa Arts: Provides bush-dyed textiles, jewellery, and weaving from the Groote Eylandt archipelago in The Gulf.
  • Warlukurlangu Artists: Known for vivid desert art, creating a variety of items from hand painted boomerangs, clapsticks and dancing boards to metal kangaroos, metal camp dogs and Australian animal Christmas decorations.
  • Keringke Arts: Specialises in hand painted desert art on ceramics and a variety of metal animals.
  • Tjanpi Arts: Offers exquisite grass weavings, showcasing intricate craftsmanship from the Central Desert.
  • BYNM Indigenous Designs: Features hand painted ceramics reflective of diverse Indigenous cultures.
  • Aboriginal Steel Art: Local cairns indigenous artist creates metal sculptures and jewellery blending traditional and contemporary themes.
  • And Many More!

By supporting these Aboriginal Art Centres and our Independent Indigenous Artists, Ancient Journeys not only preserves and promotes the rich tapestry of Indigenous cultures but also provides vital opportunities for artists to sustain their livelihoods and share their heritage.

Each purchase directly contributes to the artists and their communities, helping to keep their traditions alive and thriving across both Gulf and non-Gulf regions.