Ancient Journeys

Ancient Journeys - Crocodile Eye


Ancient Journeys provides its customers with a profile of the artist for every piece of artwork. This profile records information that Ancient Journeys has gathered “in Community” on the artist and general information on the stories that the artist paints. 

Certificate of Authenticity (COA)

Original artworks have a “Cat No” beginning with the initials of the artist. The Certificate of Authenticity includes a photo of the artist and their artwork.   Our COA provides the buyer with a guarantee from Ancient Journeys that the artwork purchased is a genuine Aboriginal artwork.  Our COA is comprised of the following details about the painting:

Artist’s Name

Date of Birth

Artist’s Country

Artist’s Language Group

Cat No (A unique number assigned to each individual artwork)

Title/Story of Artwork





The artwork’s story as told by the artist

Signature of Ancient Journey Coordinator