Kelly Barclay “Saltwater Crocodile” #/250 limited edition print


From the original, a limited edition print by Kelly Barclay. Print is 335mm(wide) x 815mm (height). Hand signed, titled and numbered by Kelly Barclay. Print is also embossed for authenticity with her “Flaming Teardrop” mark. Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity and the artists story.

Kelly Barclay is an emerging artist that is becoming highly collectable. The original has already sold to a collector in the USA!

Below is the story for the artwork.

Medium: Acrylic Paint on Primed Canvas

The Saltwater crocodile is the most powerful animal we have in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia. As Aboriginal people it shapes our practices out bush along our coast and coastal rivers, as well as our inland rivers during flood times. The painting depicts my interpretation of a Saltwater croc, it is pure power. I’ve symbolised this through another powerful form, fire. The fire in the tail and the mouth-nose area shows that this not only shows power but danger. Designs on the croc are hard lines because the skin itself is hard and tough. The claws are ready and its eyes are alert, a croc will learn your routine if you spend any amount of time near the water and wait to strike. The surrounds are the salt-flats of the lower gulf and I’ve also added samphire plants for the borders from our coast. The hard lines beside the samphire is the grass of our coastline.

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Signed, numbered, and titled by the artist. Embossed for authenticity. 33cm x 82cm. Price includes $6 for print tube.

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